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. The Department of Homeland Security defined shooting ranges “ESSENTIAL CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE”, gun/ammunition sales and manufacture an essential business. The county gun range (at the dump) is open (it is closed for two weeks for repair) it is under Douglas county community services. In addition Raahauges gun club (in California) is opening May 1, there is a gun club in San Diego Lemon Valley that is currently open. In addition Pro One gun club in Las Vegas is open. I believe we can open for members only with rules and guidelines. Our goal should be to keep the club open which requires the members to follow the recommended rules.

I have taken the liberty to use some range rules from Raahaugues , Lemon Valley and Pro One the CDC guidelines (social distancing and sanitizing) to put together a plan for the club. I let the Sheriffs office know we will be open 1 May. No matter we should have a plan for opening, below is the rules/guidelines for opening.


For the remainder of the Corona Virus pandemic in order to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you while using the range please follow the recommendation below. Our goal should be to keep the club open which requires the members to follow the recommended rules. Remember there is much county traffic on the road going and coming to China Springs Youth Camp.

1. The range is open to club members only for individual shooting only. No non-members/ guests allowed, no group activities/shooting events allowed.  

2.  We recommend wearing some sort of facial covering to cover your mouth and nose. This can be a face mask or bandana, scarf or anything else to help prevent you from transmitting anything when you exhale. Note Raahauges and Lemon Valley is requiring this Pro One does not.

3. Please bring your own Clorox or Lysol cleaning wipes to sanitize the controller or anything you touch after the use of the station.

4.  We recommendation wearing gloves. Nitrile or latex would work best, but any gloves will help prevent contact between you and anything you touch. Gloves do no good if you are touching your face with those gloves. If you are wearing non-disposable gloves remember to wash/sanitize them frequently.

5. Don’t touch other people or their belongings. The risk of transmitting the disease, no matter how slight, is not worth the benefit. The club house, kitchen will be closed. The pay shack will be open but you must wipe down anything you touch while in/using the pay shack. There will be two wash stations, one at the restroom the other on the deck by the kitchen.

6. Use common sense. Maintain the 6′ of separation at all times. Follow recommendations of the CDC. No congregating in groups (10). Here is a link to CDC for distancing etc.

7. IF YOU ARE SHOWING ANY SIGNS OR SYMPTOMS OF THE CORONA VIRUS DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOME! IF YOU ARE ILL STAY AT HOME!  If you are in the at risk group maybe you should stay at home. Violating this puts everyone else at risk and keeps this pandemic growing.

8. It is the members responsibility to follow these guidelines to keep the club open. Remember there is much traffic on the road and they will be watching.

Remember, we are all in this together. The precautions you need to take are there not just to protect you, but to protect everyone around you. Be a good member, friend, neighbor and citizen and do your part to help prevent the spread of this disease. Remember many of our members are at high risk (over 65).

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